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Sonntag, 28. Mai 2017 ::
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Dear dogdancers,                                                     alt

during the "Italian Open" on May 3rd and 4th in Ossona the organizers are planning an OEC-Qualification to build an Italian national team.

Since this is the first time Italia wants to participate at the OEC, there are several things to think of. We were very surprised to find out, that there will be an OEC-Qualification in Ossona. Unfortunately the organizers didn’t contact us for clarifying the facts to conduct an OEC-Qualification.

To the standard rules of Dogdance International e.V. (DDI) an "Open" Competition is used to find the best national dog dancer to represent her/his nation at the Crufts Freestyle International Competition and not at the OEC.

An OEC-Qualification has to be requested by the organizers till Sept. 30th for the following year (see members information Nov. 2012) and all applicants up to now followed our rules.

For the OEC-Qualification in 2015 we are looking forward to entries from Italian Competition organizers.

We are sorry to announce that the OEC-Qualification during the Italian Open in Ossona is not authorized by DDI.

Since the organizers already have a special permit by the steering committee of DDI to conduct the Italian Open with only two instead of four judges and the OEC-Qualification as well asks for four judges, the steering committee decided against an OEC-Qualification especially as the preparation time for the competition is rather short.

Nevertheless there is a possibility for independent starters from Italy to make their entries at the OEC. Concerning the OEC 2014 in Stuttgart, we are looking forward to open the entries for individual starters hopefully in July. To make your entry you don’t have to undergo an OEC-Qualification (see OEC Rules which I posted here earlier).

Best regards
Axel Weber
President of Dogdance International e.V.


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