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Members’ Information February 2013

Dear members, dear dogdancers,

Members Meeting

In the last info I posted the date of our members’ meeting and the option to organize it together with a workshop weekend aside from any competition.
Meanwhile I was asked by several members why we don’t organise the mm during a competition, because they would already be there.
The reason to organise the mm dierently, was to offer the chance for judges, helpers an organisers, to take part without the usual stress being involved in the ongoing competition.
Furthermore our Italian members organise the 1st Italian Open in Milano during that date.


We now have the choice between two dates:
the competitions in Saarland (April 6th/7th) and Altrip (Aug. 31st/Sept.1st).

For your decision there is a Doodle under the followig link:
Please take part and decide until end of February


Some applications concerning the members’ meeting already arrived here and we are eagerly looking forward to get more.

Kindest regards

Axel Weber


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