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Members’ Information January 2013





Dear members, dear dogdancers,

Members Meeting

We are looking again for a location to organise the members meeting 2013, since the hotel in Alsfeld we asked is fully booked for the weekend in question.
Perhaps anybody of you has an idea, where to hold our members meeting.
The place should be located centrally an posses not only accommodations but training facilities as well.
We planned on a DDI weekend with workshops (theoretical/practical) and the members meeting aside of the common meeting during a competition.
The workshops would be offered for free and you all are happily invited to share your priceless experiences with all of us. So feel free to oer your workshop!
We surely know that this is not going to be easy, but we wanted to try it anyway.
If we don't succeed in organising our meeting this way, we have to fall back to meet during one of our competitions.
Therefore don't leave us high and dry ;-)

Membership Fee

All members (especially our Swiss) who come to Winterthur and want to pay their membership fee in cash, please follow these instructions:
Put the amount (only Euros, exact ammount, no checks) in a sealed envelope and hand it in at the entry desk. Please put your full name and the purpose of use on it.


Best regards

Axel Weber


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